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genSET creates a forum for sustainable dialogue between science leaders, gender experts, stakeholder scientific institutions, and science strategy decision-makers. 

genSET focus areas schemaIt has five priority focus areas, where gender inequalities and biases disadvantage women’s participation in science.

  • science knowledge-making;
  • research process;
  • recruitment and retention;
  • assessment of women’s work;
  • and science excellence value system  


genSET has a particular vision of bringing gender into science. This vision is based on extensive research evidence and recognition that the science community and gender experts have to create a new understanding of the impact on scientific excellence. The knowledge resources produced in genSET and all the supporting research references are all available on this site for download  genSET improves individual and collective capacity for action to increase women’s participation in science.  It develops practical ways to incorporate gender knowledge and gender mainstreaming expertise into European science institutions.  Under the FP7 phase, these activities included: innovative Consensus Seminars of gender experts and European science leaders; Capacity Building Workshops for over 100 scientific institutions; and Valorisation Symposia engaging scientists and decision makers at national level.     


European Gender Summit As with many European projects, the FP7 genSET project plan included a final conference. In partnership with one of first organisations to become patron of genSET, The European Science Foundation, the final conference was hugely expanded and the European Gender Summit series was established. The European Gender Summits are based on the vision of genSET under the overarching theme of “Quality Research and innovation through Quality” and bring together eminent speakers from research, policy, industry and initiatives from across the world in dialogue to better understand gender’s role in science and innovation excellence, the latest programmes and initiatives and to form policy for the Future of Gender and Innovation in Europe. 2012’s Gender Summit is informed by the particular context of the significant changes the European science system is undergoing with the introduction of new policy mechanisms, namely Innovation Union, the European Research Area and HORIZON 2020, which is in the final stages of negotiations. 2012’s theme is “Aligning Agendas for Excellence”. The main venue for the event will be the European Parliament sending a clear signal that the gender equality in science deserves the highest policy attention.  


genSET was a project funded under the European Commission's 7th framework programmegenSET was a project funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme under Science & Society. Its FP7 phase ran September 2009 to February 2012 was delivered by a consortium of four partners and supported by a network of leading pan-European science institutions as Patrons. It is now run as an independent programme by Portia Ltd.    Project descriptions in difference languages