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22nd of October 2010, at The University of Warsaw

icon Vaolorisation Report: Symposium on Gender and Research Excellence in Poland, Poland Valorisation Symposium

The Symposium was organized in collaboration with the Institute of Social Studies, University of Warsaw.   The aim was to introduce to the Polish audience the genSET Consensus Report on the gender dimension in science and to discuss how the recommendations for action contained in the report could be implemented in Poland, including:

  • how gender equality and research excellence issues can be addressed within the Polish institutional structures and mechanisms;
  • what are the Strengths, Weakness/Threats and Opportunities for furthering gender research and expertise in Poland;
  • how Poland can benefit from collaborative opportunities under the current FP7 Science in Society Programme.

Sharing the perspectives on gender issues in Poland and facilitating the discussion was Prof Renata Siemienska from the Institute for Social Studies, University of Warsaw.  Well in advance of the event, Portia translated the Consensus Recommendations into Polishc, and this document was circulated together the Report with invitations to the workshop.  Speakers included Polish experts on gender issues in science, and representatives from the Ministry for Science and Education, l’Oreal, and Bertelsmann Media.